Is Cashmere Addictive?

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The question is, should the best cashmere clothing come with some sort of warning? Once you have experienced the sublime softness, the feeling of lightness and gentle comfort upon your body, it will be difficult not to become a cashmere addict. Owning fabulous pieces of luxurious cashmere can quickly become an obsession!

Once you have found your first cashmere “love” you will be forever looking for another, and then another as anything less will not satisfy in quite the same way. No longer will you feel weighed down by heavy fabrics in order to feel warm yet stylish. Your skin will breathe easily, and so will you as a result.

Your cashmere will make a very user friendly travel companion, wherever in the world you may be venturing. Cashmere’s snugly and comforting nature, as well as its ability to look good quickly, even after being screwed up and sat upon, means you will not want to go anywhere without it.

It does not matter how your cashmere addiction begins. It might start in babyhood with a baby cashmere blanket, which becomes a much loved comforter. It could start at any age with a cashmere hat or beret, a pair of cashmere gloves or socks or a cashmere hoody, cardigan or polo neck jumper. Once the love affair starts it will be a constant in your life. You may even start to have cravings for unusual cashmere items that are not easy to get, like cashmere pyjamas and bed sheets. If finances are tight you will search everywhere for bargains and probably drop big hints to family and friends.

The durable nature of the best quality cashmere means you won’t need to replace the garments you own too often, so the addiction can be controlled if circumstances dictate. The downside is that there is probably no cure for this addiction – the upside is you are unlikely to want one. So, feel happy luxuriating in your addiction!

Source by Victoria C White

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